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Home Remedies for Morning Sickness

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Feeling Queasy? 

Don't let morning sickness dampen your excitement!

Morning sickness affects 50-90% of pregnant women during their first trimester.1 However, it’s usually at its worst around week 8. By weeks 12 to 14, these symptoms will usually fade. Cheer up though – feeling nausea is usually a sign of a healthy pregnancy.

Try this suggestions and home remedies to ease your morning sickness2:

  • Get a good night’s sleep and plenty of rest during the day.
  • Eat small portions of food at frequent intervals3.
  • Eat a dry cracker, toast or plain biscuit before getting out of bed4.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. If drinking is proving difficult, home-made fruit juice ice cubes or simply sips of whatever you can stomach will keep you hydrated
  • Including ginger in the diet may help reduce nausea symptoms in some women5 .
  • Try acupressure. Putting pressure on specific points on your wrist, using a special band may help relieve the symptoms6.

Bear in mind that your body may respond differently on different days. If your nausea is severe, or if your symptoms persist, speak to your doctor early.


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Ask your doctor to learn more.

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