Resilience Day Out

Terms and Conditions

  1.  Parents/ Guardians are required to register their child/children by completing the indemnity form and submit it at the Resilience Challenge information counter.
  2.  The Resilience Challenge is designed for children aged 3 years old and above. Please note, for some activities, weight and height limitations will be applied for your child’s safety (maximum weight = 30kg; height= 120cm).
  3.  All participants are encouraged to wear proper attires, preferably covered shoes, pants and comfortable wear (easy to move in).
  4.  All participants are required to wear the safety gears that will be provided at the respective Resilience Challenge stations.
  5.  No toys, food and drinks allowed in the challenge areas.
  6.  Please note that the management places hygiene and safety as top priorities. Kindly cooperate with the event crew to ensure your child’s/children hands are sanitized and body temperature checked prior to participating in the challenge. Should the body temperature is more than 37 degrees Celcius or the child is seen unwell, we do not encourage them to participate in the Resilience Challenge.
  7.  The crew has the right to remove children and/or adults from the event area in the case of a breach or disregard of the safety rules.
  8.  We advise parents/guardians to be present at all times during the attempt of any one of the Resilience Challenge to avoid any unwanted incidents.
  9.  If there is any unforeseen circumstance during the Resilience Challenge, there will be first aid team on standby to provide medical assistance.
  10.  The management will not be held responsible for any personal loss, injuries, death, damages caused or incurred during the Resilience Challenge.