Key Milestones

Raise Them Resilient

Why is resilience so important?

Resilience enables our children to deal independently and flexibly with future experiences. Nowadays, this ability is more important than ever. The world is constantly changing and we do not know what challenges our children will face in the future. Ensuring your child gets better resilience training ensures they will be able to cope well in the present but also later in life.

How can we promote resilience in children from the beginning?

The best way is to let your child discover the world and gain lots of experience right from the start. Because with every experience, their resilience grows – and lasts a lifetime. Resilience develops in a very simple cycle: every experience leads to more resilience. Having lots of resilience enables them to collect all kinds of new experiences. From your child’s first swimming lesson to your child’s first mountain hike – every early contact with people and the environment supports the development of their resilience.

Today, your child may be playing sand on the beach for the first time, getting to know waves and the beach front environment, and is spending precious time outside in the nature. Later on, your child's resilience will be strengthened through experiencing joint adventures such as swimming and sailing. Step by step, your child develops their resilience with each new challenge.

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