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The Benefits of Probiotics

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What are probiotics?

While the thought of consuming thousands of living microorganisms sound unappealing, chances are you have already been doing it daily and also benefiting from these good bacteria. Probiotics can provide many health benefits and supports a person in many ways when consumed in adequate amounts. 

What are some of their benefits?  

Certain probiotics are known to help the immune system function properly and can help in breaking down foods we can’t digest. They also help produce essential vitamins, keep harmful microorganisms in check and aid in nutrient absorption. Some probiotics can even help with the digestion of lactose or help reduce colic symptoms and eczema in small children. Probiotics can therefore be beneficial when our bacteria are challenged, for example by antibiotics, poor diet or while travelling to new places. 

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Foods containing probiotics  

Probiotics can be found in different foods that you and your child are probably already familiar with. If you want to include more probiotics in your child’s diet, consider adding the following items to your shopping list:

  • Yoghurt
  • Fermented milk
  • Certain growing up formula milks 

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