The world our children are born into today is permanently evolving and changing. They will encounter many opportunities but also many challenges. Therefore, our children have to develop their resilience right from the start – and they will benefit from it for their whole lives.

Don’t prepare the path for the child, prepare the child for the path” (This is one of my favourite quote from an anonymous writer) The world we live in is changing and it is important to prepare our kids for the path that is coming their way... whatever path that may take them, there will be challenges along the way and it’s important that they are prepared to embrace challenges that may come and bounce forward to face those challenges.

Elicia, Group Account Director

Today, resilience is very important and to different people it brings different meanings. As a parent, I believe that it is important to build resilience in our children by teaching them to be adaptable, independent and every mistake is a learning experience. These will enable them to reach their long-term goals, resilient to face any challenges the future throws at them.

Carol, Finance Analyst

The world is changing so fast that sometimes when I look at my son, I don’t know how he will be able to survive in the future world. I know raising my child to be resilient is what I can do to prepare him to face the future. I want to ensure that he can be strong and able to persevere, adapt and be independent to embrace the future.

Wan Lin, Mother of two

As a mum we always want to make our child’s daily life easier. But, with that our child may not be independent. As a parent, I believe we need to expose them to obstacles and challenges without us constantly hovering over them. Give them space to be resilient!

Caroline, Personal Trainer

Learning should not be limited to classroom learning and in indoor areas. It’s ok to let our child go out and play, let them explore themselves. It teaches them to be adaptable, independent and resilient to face the future.

Huei Jean, Entrepreneur

I don't want to hold my child back or be overly protective of her. There will be a time when she has to deal with the world and I have realised that she is not entirely ready for it. Hence, I hope to prepare her as much as I can and I believe resilience is key. I want her to know that I am letting her experience the world to help shape her for her own good as I love her very much.

Jeline Loh, Mother of One

To succeed in life, I believe that children need more than just good grades and academic excellence. They need to develop strength in character especially resilience. This will help them bounce back when tough times come.. and we know they will.

Grace, Founder of Integricity Visuals

Encouraging children to be resilient is important in order to prepare them for all the challenges and embrace the opportunities in life. In a world where change is constant, inevitable and unpredictable, being book smart alone is not enough. I believe that it is our responsibility as parents to ensure that our children will be able to persevere, adapt, be independent, agile and of course have compassion and humility.

Elina, Group Head of Corporate Development

I want to cultivate my kids to be resilient in order for them to be able to survive in such a competitive and unpredictable world. As parents we are here to guide them, encourage them, shape them to be resilient and hope they can be successful in whatever they choose to do in their future.

Amy Ann, Office Manager

Books and knowledge are no longer enough for our kids' generation to survive and succeed in life. They must develop their own character and personal values for their future. We have to start as early as possible to shape and guide them to be resilient and in doing so, it will give them a lifetime benefit.

Liz, Mother of Two

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