Immunity Tips at Home


What Should I do to Support their Immune System?

In order to prevent contact with germs and viruses, in addition to maintaining social distancing, you need to maintain healthy habits at home to support your and your little one’s immune system.


Balanced diet, rich nutrition 

Black, red, blue and purple fruits plus vegetables contain antioxidants, vitamin C and carotene that help maintain your tot’s immune system. Whereas nuts and flax seeds are natural sources of good fat. And don’t forget to hydrate each day by giving them plenty of water.

Get up early, turn off the lights to sleep

Regular sleep habits help to recharge their immune systems. In addition, melatonin is an effective antioxidant for the body, which helps to improve their immune system the body’s line of defense against the virus.


Exercise regularly 

Even doing simple, moderate exercises such as stretching, and dancing can help support your immune system.


A healthy diet and lifestyle, proper sleeping and regular exercise is the best to stay healthy. So try and incorporate that toyour daily routine to keep you and your little one in tip top shape!

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