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How Serious Is An Allergy To A Child?

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Severity and Common Symptoms of Allergies In Children

Children with an allergy may have sleep disturbances and problems at meal times, which will negatively impact the quality of family life. There is 80% chance that a child can inherit allergies if both parents have allergies1. In addition, once a child has an allergy in the early stage of life, he/she could go on to develop other allergic conditions, and this is known as The Allergy March. 

Allergy March in Children

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Hence, minimising the risk of allergy in early life of your child is important before allergy march happens to him/her as allergy march can have significant impacts on a child’s physical, social, financial and psychological well-being in adulthood2-8.

A healthy immune system is important in protecting your child against infections and allergies. If you are concerned about your child being at risk of cow’s milk protein allergy, it may be time to consider a specialized diet. There is also recommendation of prebiotic supplementation for the prevention of allergy9. Consult your healthcare professional on how you can reduce your child’s risk of allergy. 



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