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With 40 years of pioneering research, AptaGro™ with ActiveDuoBio+™
helps support your child body and learning development to let them build their resilience by experiencing the world.


AptaGro™ Step 3

Formulated with Prebiotics and Probiotic, & high DHA level for child 1 - 3 years.

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AptaGro™ Step 4

Formulated with Prebiotics and Probiotic, & high DHA level for child 4 years onwards.

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Formulated with Partially Hydrolysed Protein (pHP), Prebiotics and Probiotic for child 1 – 3 years. 


At AptaGro™, we believe that exposing children to the world helps build their resilience. With over 40 years of pioneering research, AptaGro™ is formulated with a combination of ActiveDuoBio+™ and important nutrients that helps support their body and learning development so you can let them build their resilience by experiencing the world.

AptaGro with ActiveDuoBio+

A combination of probiotic and prebiotic, that helps support your child’s body. So that you can expose your child to the world, to build her resilience.

AptaGro, Raise Them Resilient!

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What is ActiveDuoBio+TM?

Internationally patented combination of probiotic and prebiotics that support child’s body so they can grow strong and resilient


Beneficial Bacteria Strain – Probiotic B.breve M-16V

  • The strain is well accepted by the human body
  • The army of good bacteria
  • The strain is used safely for over 20 years and certified by GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)

Unique prebiotics mixture GOS/lcFOS (9:1)

  • Based on 40 years of research
  • Food for good bacteria
  • Over 30 clinical studies - Validated health benefits described in >55 scientific publications

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Proven Benefits of Prebiotics and lcPUFA : Significantly reduce the risk of infection in young children.

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