C-section: What are the risks for mother and child?

C-section: What are the risks for mother and child?

C-section: What are the risks for mother and child?


1. Potential risks & complications1


2. Are there any C-section risks for my child? 

Some research suggest that children delivered by C-section are slower to acquire certain types of “good bacteria” in their gut and have higher level of potentially “bad bacteria” than those born vaginally. 



Reference: Salminen et. al. 2004. Influence of mode of delivery of gut microbiota composition in seven year old children. Gut 53 (9): 1388-1389 

Due to low gut bacteria diversity and imbalanced gut profile (dysbiosis), C-section has been associated with higher risks of asthma, allergies, inflammatory bowel diseases, obesity and type 1 diabetes in the long run. 2

However, a child’s gut bacteria profile can be developed gradually. Discuss with your doctor how you can help your child restore a healthy gut profile. 


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Consult your doctors as they will be in a better positions to assess your suitability.


1. Keag OE, et al. PLoS Med 15(1): e1002494. 

2. Sandall J, et al. Lancet. 2018 Oct 13;392(10155):1349-1357.



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